We're all living through an unprecedented time of uncertainty and anxiety with the coronavirus pandemic. It can feel chaotic and unsettling, but the good news is that there's some ancient wisdom to help us through this modern challenge. This course offers insights from Tibetan Buddhist teachings to elucidate the stages of any transition: our familiar life and identity, the dissolution of our familiar world, an in-between state in which our old identity is gone and the new hasn't yet solidified, and "rebirth" into our new normal.

Tibetan Buddhism teaches us about the bardo states of life, death, clear light, and the in-between state -- the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Taken literally, they're profound teachings that point us toward our naturally luminous nature.

Right now we're all facing the changes everyone is making because of the coronavirus pandemic, and in this live course we'll discuss how we're dealing with the situation, what's difficult, and what we're learning through the experience.

See the video below for an overview of the course and more details.

What's in this course?

What are students saying?

"This course provides so many practical tools and models for navigating transitions in life. The instructor is knowledgeable, engaging, and responsive. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is undergoing a transition - whether planned or unforeseen - or who would like to be better prepared for the life changes that inevitably come our way. Thank you!"

"I love the structure of the classes and material so far. Very clear, profound and inspiring!!"

Hi, I’m Claire

I’ve been wondering about the nature of reality most of my life and practicing various forms of Buddhism since 1997.  I’ve meditated my way around India, Nepal, and Thailand, with pilgrimages to Tibet.  I completed a PhD on Tibetan Buddhism and contemplative ways of knowing in 2015 at Rice University, worked for Dawn Mountain Center for Tibetan Buddhism, and am now a digital nomad and meditation instructor.  Things that blow my mind include science, great storytelling, and Spinning.

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